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i dont get it
i hate psych. trepe is such a bitch for not letting me transfer out into somthing else. i dont want to do it and fuck this shit. its so dumb anyway theres no point to studying soemthing specifically designed to manipulate people. i dont care what axel says. this subject is fucked up.

she wont let me get out of the class. i dont even want to try doing the work but i dont want to talk to trepe again either. its either that or study with axel. fuck that.

fuck all this. im going skating.
what the fuck was that?

i dont get it. girls dont make sense. adults dont make sense. jesus christ.

not going back to that part of the mall. no way.
i dont like psychology. it seems really dumb and focuses on all this shit thats messed up to begin with. not my thing.

looks like its gonna rain tomorrow. that sux. maybe i wont get to skate tomorrow. lame.

maybe its better if i stay home for a while anyway.
well im back from my trip with my folks. finally. god was that dumb. and i missed a fucking week! so dumb. now i have all this work 2 do 2 catch up in my classes. i dont wanna do it tho. not like it matters.

guess ill go to the arcade first before doing the psych stuff. yeah. i havent played a game in a week!

i bet i really suck now at skating too. need to practice.
so i get to go out of town with my folks for a while to where we used to live. its only for a week or so but its still pretty gay. ill be so bored that i but even do my hw while im gone. like thatll happen.

good news today! i got a lot of my skating time in. even did some tricks i normally have trouble with. it was pretty sweet.

i also found some quarters in my pants when i was doing my laundry. now i can go to the arcade tomorrow and play some games.

looks like im on a roll.
i dont understand girls at all.
i sure picked a day to not eat lunch in the cafeteria. there was a fight today? with who?
been skating a lot lately. i was off my game last week and hardly practiced at all. that was dumb of me.

yesterday was kinda weird though. ran into 2 ppl from school while i was skating. they were kinda cool tho. one of them liked skating too cept he said his board is broken. that really sux.

was good to practice though. i went today for a while but the weather got lame so i left. ended up in the middle of nowhere for a while before going home.

ill go back to the park tomorrow. maybe ill get that inward heelflip down.
i went to the arcade today after school. played time crisis. i did okay at first...cleared a couple levels no biggie but i really had trouble on the second boss. couldnt beat it though i tried three times. ive never bombed so badly. im really glad none of the other players at the arcade were there to see me.

it feels like im off my game.

this sucks.